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Thank you so much for your over the top wonderful affirmation of my zine making venture. Being able to share my thoughts with you in word and picture form is such a blessing, an extension of God’s grace in my life. I’m ALWAYS nervous to share what’s on my heart with you because, you know, rejection, misunderstanding, misinterpretation or fill in the blank. However, I do believe that this is part of what I’m meant to be doing with this life I’ve been given. So I keep at it no matter the fears.

It’s always my prayer that something in the pages will be of help to you in some real way, will help enlarge your vision for creativity and helping others flourish in this world full of so many wonders & hardships. I hope the words & pictures will help you rediscover or re-establish who you are and what kinds of marks & color you want to be making in your spheres of influence.

And this chair symbolizes how I feel about creating these zines to share. A place in time to rest together, to contemplate the whimsy and weight of life. Hope, wonder, truth-telling with genuine kindness, human dignity…grace. These things and so much more I want for all of us. Together.